Dropbox for desktop snags a major update, speeds up file sync

Dropbox for desktop snags a major update, speeds up file sync

Popular cloud service Dropbox has announced a major update for its desktop client. The new update improves the time needed to synchronize your files. The update is now available through the download link below, and the improvements will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

The company says it has made some changes to how it syncs the files. Until now, the files had to be completely uploaded to Dropbox’s servers before other clients could access them. Streaming Sync will change it. The new mechanism allows the file contents to stream through servers between different clients. Sounds much like Bittorrenting, huh?

Also, with streaming sync, both downloading and uploading processes will take place concurrently via the servers. Dropbox says that this will speed up the sync time by about 1.25 - to 2 times. However, this will be applicable only to large files -- the larger the better. The threshold for streaming sync has been set to 16MB.

Besides these improvements, the new version also brings support for four new languages - Danish, Dutch, Swedish, and Thai, as well as a new scrollable menu notification. You will also be able to create shared links to files and accept shared folder invites from the new revamped menu.

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