Dr. Web rolls out fix for previous Windows protection problems


Dr. Web rolls out fix for previous Windows protection problems

Security and Microsoft seem to go hand-in-hand, but not always in the best possible way. The company makes a reasonable effort, rolling out monthly patches to fix vulnerabilities, but most users resort to third-party solutions for backup. Anyone who isn’t an expert in IT should be running one of these alternatives in conjunction with Microsoft’s own solution.

One alternative is Dr. Web, but the security firm recently had some issues with its software, specifically, the Net Filtering Service that is built into version 9.0 for Windows. Today, the security firm announces it has fixed these issues, rolling out

Don’t worry if you are using this software. The problems were more along the lines of causing system issues, as opposed to leaving you vulnerable. “In particular, the Dr.Web Net Filtering Service issue involving a significant increase in CPU load on computers with installed Mail.Ru Agent (the issue didn’t concern the latest version of the messenger) has been resolved”, Dr Web announces today.

This is a re-release of an earlier update that caused the problems (sound familiar?). If you have the software installed, then you should receive the update automatically.