DocuSign integrates their document signing tools into SharePoint

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DocuSign integrates their document signing tools into SharePoint

It is no secret that Microsoft’s major business is the enterprise, it is also obvious that more enterprises are shifting to digital everything. One of the more complicated tasks of moving digital involves creating and managing digital signatures. Now SharePoint has partnered with DocuSign to offer digital document creation, management, and signing.

By integrating with SharePoint DocuSign has enabled all of the existing companies to continue using their tools as they have, but now they have the added option of document signatures. This can be critical for companies who require manager sign-offs on documents, drawings, or purchases. Industries such as medical, technology, engineering, and education need verification that documents have been reviewed and approved or denied.

DocuSign also enables users to track their documents and follow the changes through the signing process. The ability to know how a document is progressing through approval helps companies understand their own internal processes. Integrating all of these capabilities into SharePoint makes abandoning paper just that much easier.

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