DNS issues cause more multi-factor authorization problems for Office 365 users

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Microsoft is facing another outage of its multi-factor authentication service for Office 365 (via ZDNet). The company confirmed the issue is related to the DNS servers causing the sign-in requests from some users to fail. Here's their statement:

"Engineers have also determined a Domain Name System (DNS) issue caused sign-in requests to fail, but this issue is mitigated and engineers are restarting the authentication infrastructure."

This is the second outage this month, the first one being on November 19. As we reported earlier, at that time the three main issues occurred on the service due to a latency issue with the cache services, as well as an issue with the race condition in processing responses from the MFA back-end server and error with the processing of requests on the front end of the service.

Despite patches being implemented to bring the service back online, today’s outage proves the service requires additional tune-up so that issues don’t arise further down the road. Are you experiencing any issues while logging into your account? Let us know in the comment section below.

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