Disney updates its ‘Infinity: Toy Box’ app for Windows 8, adds new shows

Disney updates its ‘Infinity: Toy Box’ app for Windows 8, adds new shows

TV has come to the internet, with services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many others. Watching shows on these ‘channels’ and utilizing the likes of internet-connected boxes such as Roku is what we mostly think of, but Windows 8 also has outlets allowing youngsters to play these shows-- not as episodes, but as games. Now Disney’s Infinitey: Toy Box, one such application, is getting spiced up.

The app has announced an update that adds several new shows for kids’ enjoyment. New titles being displayed include Phineas and Ferb, a long-time children's classic, as well as Glow in the Dark Buzz.

“You can play in a world you create, or play pre-built games. Power Discs are available for purchase at retail stores or within the game itself so you can add new characters and capabilities, or change the appearance of the world around you by adding to your Toy Box”, says Microsoft’s Jeff Meisner.

The new interactive games are available in the latest update, which has already rolled out. So grab your kids, as well as the game, and enjoy.

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