Discuss: What gestures do you want to see in Windows 10 for phones?

Lumia system settings

Lumia Gestures Beta has been out for a while now. It allows your natural movements to control your phone such as placing it to your ear to answer the phone, placing it face up on a table to enable speakerphone, and flipping it face down to silence it. It generally runs very smooth and there’s a chance that features like this could be built into Windows 10 for phones in the future. A post by Lumia beta apps asks for suggestions and feedback from users.

Some of the suggestions receiving the highest amount of votes are near the top of the post and have Lumia beta app’s response. Most of the responses from Lumia beta apps are something to the effect of, that’s a good idea, “However, we cannot yet commit to a release schedule for this feature.” Though they can’t commit to new features, this is a good opportunity to discuss what gestures we’d like to see in Windows Phone, hopefully in Windows 10 for phones.

Here are the highlights of the features in the original post:

  • “Vibrate when call answered.”
  • Music control through shaking the phone.
  • “Silence or postpone alarms when flipping the display down.”
  • “Add a small sound effect to tell when call is muted when you flip the phone.”

There are quite a few possibilities for gestures working with Windows Phone. Sound off in the comments below about what you’d like to see and if you think it will be built into Window 10 for Phones.

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