Developer teases upcoming external hard drive support for the Xbox One

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Developer teases upcoming external hard drive support for the xbox one

A confirmed Xbox One developer is teasing an image on Reddit, showcasing the use of an external hard drive on the Xbox One console. The image showcases the free space, along with the used space, as well as the ability to open up the drive via a voice command. This will definitely please Xbox One owners who are filling up their hard disks fast.

Microsoft received some heat from gamers when the Xbox One launched, due to the fact that there are no options to manually manage storage space, and that there is currently no support for external storage - although this is promised to arrive soon as evident from the image above. The February 11th update to the Xbox One offered a better hard drive manager, yet no support for external storage.

We are lass than a month away from the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Microsoft will be on scene at the event and the company has big plans. In fact, Microsoft is set to hold a media briefing on the 9th of June. Perhaps Microsoft might introduce as well as roll out this new feature then.

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