Destiny Beta arrives July 23rd on Xbox One and Xbox 360, includes character creation, missions and more

Destiny beta arrives July 23rd on Xbox One and Xbox 360

One of the next releases on the horizon is the beta version of Destiny from Budgie and as is becoming increasingly common, a beta version will be made available ahead of the official launch. Destiny is an intriguing-looking title which has stirred up a great deal of interest. From the same stables as Halo, this is a cinematic, action-packed adventure with a variety of gameplay modes.

"The Destiny Beta is your first step on the path to adventure, beginning July 17th on PlayStation and July 23rd on Xbox. Explore the vast expanses of the world of Destiny, fight through riveting story missions, strike deep within enemy strongholds alongside a fireteam, or compete for glory against your fellow Guardians in the action-packed competitive multiplayer," Bungie stated.

You must pre-order the game from select retailers in order to partake in the beta program. The Destiny Beta is your chance to play Destiny and give invaluable data and feedback prior to launch on September 9th, 2014. The Beta will include character creation, story missions, cooperative and social activities, competitive multiplayer, and more.

The Beta program begins July 23rd and ends July 26th. You can earn an exclusive emblem for the retail version of Destiny and Bungie promises to deliver "some fun and unexpected surprises" throughout the Beta program.

Check out the game's beta trailer below.

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