Date & time of Microsoft's E3 2018 conference revealed

The Verge's Tom Warren has tweeted that this year's E3 Microsoft conference will be held 1pm PT (4pm ET) on the 10th of June. Warren is generally a reliable source of information and news and there's no reason to doubt that this is false.

Intriguingly, Warren also tweeted about Microsoft's "different" approach to E3 this year which is something Microsoft employees have also teased on their own Twitter accounts over the past few months.

There's been no real details released on what this "different" approach is so it could be anything from the flow of the conference to a possible shift to digital presentations (ala Nintendo) to something else entirely. Microsoft usually puts on a pretty entertaining conference so it's bound to be worth a watch regardless of how "different" it is.

Are you pumped for Microsoft's E3 2018 conference? What do you think it will be like? Let us know in the comments below.

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