You might lose your data when transitioning to Microsoft Teams (free)

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Microsoft rolled out Teams Premium, and with this, the current free version of Teams for small businesses is set to hit its end of support date on April 12, this year. Before then, users can transition to Microsoft Teams (free), but there’s a catch.

Besides the name change and access to a different set of features, users won’t be able to make the transition from the current free version of Teams to the new free version with their data. To avoid this, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid tier if you want to keep the chats, files, teams, and meetings that are currently stored on Microsoft Teams Free (classic).

You’ll either have to upgrade to the Microsoft 365 Business Basic tier which will cost you $6/month or opt for the Teams Essentials plan at $4/month. You can choose to simply transition to Microsoft Teams (free) if you don’t want to make the payment or don’t have important data you’d want to make the transition with.

Alternatively, you can save your files manually within the new free version of Teams which can be quite tedious especially if you have a lot of data stored thus making the paid tier more attractive and efficient.

You should consider making the transition to the new free version or upgrading to either of the paid tiers if you want to retain the data stored. It should be noted that you will no longer be able to access the legacy free version of Teams once it reaches its end of support date.

via: Windows Central

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