Cortana may be expanding its feature set into include better SMS control

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While we previously reported that Cortana may soon get "continuum" improvements and alert you when you miss a phone call or receive a text or app notification, Microsoft's digital assistant may also expand its texting abilities in future Windows 10 Mobile builds. According to a new report from Plaffo, it will be possible to set Cortana as your default SMS app in the upcoming build 10.0.14288 (as a reminder, the build 10.0.14283 was released last week in the Insider Fast Ring), but it's still not clear how the feature will work on Windows phones.

W10m cortana text messages
Cortana could be set as the default messaging app in build windows 10 mobile build 14288

Cortana has been able to read and reply to text messages on Windows Phone 8.1 since a long time, while Windows 10 users can use the digital assistant to get notifications about missed phone calls or to have their phone send a text reply via their PCs. But as always, take this report with a grain of salt, and we may learn more about upcoming Cortana improvements in the next Windows 10 Mobile Redstone builds.

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