Console modder Ben Heck has turned an Xbox One S into a laptop

Laurent Giret

Ben Heck Xbox One S laptop

Ben Heck, a popular console modder has been taking apart gaming consoles to turn them into new products from quite some time. In a recent episode of his Ben Heck show, Heck explained how he created an Xbox One S laptop by using parts from a previous teardown of Microsoft’s latest gaming console (via Engadget).

The console modder explains the DIY process in detail during the 25 minutes video, from scanning the motherboard to get its exact measurements to the construction of a custom aluminum base cut with a CNC machine. To reduce the size of the hardware, Heck had to move some parts including the hard drive and the wifi module, and he also chose to replace the fans by smaller models that can keep the system cool in all circumstances. The power supply has also been replaced by a more powerful model that can power both the console parts and the integrated LCD screen.

While the result is definitely impressive, this isn’t the first time that we see someone design a portable Xbox One S mod: indeed, modder Ed Zarick built a Xbook One S laptop with a body made almost entirely out of strong acrylic last year. Unlike Heck’s Xbox One S mod, Zarick’s Xbook One S is available to purchase with prices starting at $1.495, or just $1,200 if you ship in your own Xbox One S console to have it modded by him.