Complete latest Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial for chance to get featured on Windows Insider website

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Coding can be fun, and it’s never too late to learn, especially when you combine it with Minecraft. That’s why Dona Sarkar is encouraging Windows Insiders to try out the latest Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial and share completed certification for a chance to get featured on the Windows Insider website.

As we highlighted before, the tutorial is free via this website, and it’s playable on Windows, iOS, and Android. In the tutorials, you get to journey through Minecraft with code, program animals, and other Minecraft creatures, and even code to take Minecraft characters on adventures.

This is part of the ongoing Computer Science education week, and it all seems like a pretty fun and straightforward experience. In fact, Dona Sarkar noted “seeing that 5 year old’s can do this easily, we know you can too” when referring to the tutorial in a recent blog post announcing upcoming Windows 10 features.

What are your thoughts on this experience? Do you think you will be checking it out? Or do you think coding is “too hard?” It’s never too late to learn how to code, so be sure to let us know your comments in the section below.

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