Microsoft's Hyperlapse technology helps Italian college student share his life

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Marco Bianchi

In an interview with Microsoft, seventeen-year-old college student and videographer Marco Bianchi talked about his love for exploring and how he uses Hyperlapse and a Lumia 930 to capture beautiful scenes of Italy. For people with an interest in Videography, Marco suggests shooting as much video as you can every day and editing it with these recommended apps:

  • Lumia Video Trimmer – Simple app for editing videos.
  • Movie Creator Beta, Video Tuner and Videoshop – Video Editor – Powerful video editors.
  • Lumia Moments – Allows you to extract a picture from a video.

When asked why he uses Microsoft Hyperlapse, Marco explains, “The technology is great as it lets me capture beautiful places around Italy. If you don’t travel, you can’t appreciate things in your city. I always find something interesting to shoot, such as the farms and valleys and other happenings around me.” According to Marco, he is always taking videos and photos when he travels, and he finds Hyperlapses are an interesting and unique ways to show others the places he visits. He uses the Hyperlapse to showcase his enjoyment with walking or cycling with his mountain bike as the camera shoots from his point of view. When asked about how he uses the Hyperlapse App, he answers, “I just tap to set my focus and check for exposure and then begin to record. The screen’s left corner shows the length of the videos after it’s processed; I find this handy. After recording my videos, I choose the speed and process it. All of this is so easy and fast!”

Giving some tips on how to set up a Lumia for use with Hyperlapse: 

If you are using your Lumia, shoot your videos in full 1080p resolution at 30fps as the maximum frame rate gives you a smoother video. Next, put the focus to infinity to stop the phone’s camera from refocusing. Try to stay stable during the recording and, if possible, keep the phone level with the horizon.

Also, when shooting with a GoPro, set the settings to 1080p at 30 fps and turn off the Spot Meter to give you a more balanced exposure in the scene.

Videos from the the GoPro can then be rendered in Microsoft Hyperlapse. For outside of shooting nature videos, Marco likes to ride his mountain bike and visit nearby cities.

Image Credit: Microsoft

It’s great to see young students take an interest in the Hyperlapse technology and also using Windows Phones to capture and share their lives. Fortunately for Microsoft, while Windows Phones aren’t popular in the US, they’re gaining traction in many other countries.

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