CNN commentator says controversy was "idiotic", used both iPad and Surface Pro 3

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Cnn commentators says controversy was "idiotic", used both ipad and surface pro 3

When Microsoft paid money to CNN to ensure their Surface Pro 3 units would be used on the air, the last thing they expected was to find news anchors secretly using their iPads behind them. Recently, CNN employee, Jake Tapper, commented on the issue via twitter, saying the controversy was “false and idiotic”.

Jake Tapper is a CNN anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent who wants you to know that he does in fact like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. According to Tapper, he used both his iPad and Microsoft’ Surface Pro 3 during the showing. He claims that he used the iPad for tweeting because he “wanted to keep the screen up with exit polls”.

A user pointed out that he could have used windows snapping in Windows 8, but it seems like the anchor simply didn’t know how to use it. To wrap it up, Tapper says the “meme” is “false and idiotic”, but otherwise, he thinks the Surface Pro 3 is “great”.

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