Cincinnati Country Day School becomes the first school to adopt Surface Pro 3

Cincinnati Country Day School becomes the first school to adopt Surface Pro 3

The Cincinnati Country Day School, a private Pre-Kindergarten through High School located in Ohio, is touted as one of the top schools in the US and a pioneer in the use of mobile computing for educational purposes. Microsoft is proud to announce that this school has become the first school to adopt the Surface Pro 3.

"I'm trying to create the most powerful teaching and learning environment on the planet. I want to remove constraints, and the Surface Pro 3 absolutely lets us do that. Computer literacy isn’t how to boldface something in Word; computer literacy is having technology available to you and figuring out how it helps you, how it makes you more efficient," said Rob Baker, the school's IT director.

The school notes that the Surface Pro 3 is the first tablet PC that has a useable portrait mode for students to read and annotate naturally like they would on a textbook or a piece of paper. Students can also learn and be creative thanks to Office and OneNote.

"Any Device that lacks an active digitizer, and thus true pen on paper inking is too limiting in functionality. In a school, you want to empower your teachers and students with the ability to annotate, sketch, draw, show process and highlight anytime and anywhere they need to. Whether the students were typing, writing with the pen, using touch, reading or any combination of these: the focus was on the task at hand, not on the technology. When everything you do can be digital, the collaboration, engagement and creativity of students and teachers is amplified exponentially," Baker adds.

Watch the embedded video below which showcases the school's adoption of the Surface Pro 3.

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