Check out these Windows Store apps: Awesome Zombie Sniper and Stupid Zombies 2

Check out these Windows Store apps: Awesome Zombie Sniper

Looking for some new apps or games to play with on your Windows 8.1 device? Check out these two Windows Store apps that are sure to please zombie lovers (or haters) out there!

First up is Awesome Zombie Sniper. This app (or game) is free for those of you on Windows 8.1. The app features stunning visuals and the choice to purchase weapons, which is what keeps the developer going. The app is simple and all you do is shoot zombies. The graphic settings are adjustable and the world detail is stunning for a Metro/Modern app. Although there is no gameplay music and visual bugs can be seen occasionally, the game is indeed hours of zombie killing fun. 

“Zombies everywhere! Survive against increasingly large waves of zombies using an arsenal of weapons in this beautiful first person shooter. Collect credits and achievements and scavenge the levels for ammunition and medipacks. Zombies can be fought in three amazingly detailed levels – a beautiful autumn field, a busy downtown city area and a lonely forest,” the app description reads.

The second app is called Stupid Zombies 2. This game is fun and simple, and best of all it is free for Windows 8.1. The gameplay is very straight forward – all you do is shoot a projectile that you can bounce off the walls in order to hit a zombie or zombies. This game isn’t your standard point-and-shoot, instead requires some thinking. A great game to keep you entertained for a while.

We’ve added the download links to both games below. Snag them and let us know how you like them! Unfortunately, these two apps do not work on Windows RT, you will be required to have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 32bit or 64bit installed.

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