Check out the Surface Pro running Tomb Raider and SimCity 2013

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If you thought the Surface Pro sucked at playing video games, you were wrong, sort of. It appears the Surface Pro can run games like Tomb Raider and SimCity with an 'OK' frame rate. Of course, you'll have to dig down the graphics settings, but either way it's cool nonetheless!

SimCity can run at a healthy 30 fps on low settings without much dipping, which is rather interesting as not many tablets can run games like this, even at low settings. What's more amazing is the fact that the Surface Pro can run Tomb Raider, also at low settings it can run at around 24 fps with dipping here and there. Hardcore gamers aren't going to like what they hear here, but to those who like to game while journeying, this could be a cool little extra that the Surface Pro provides. Of course, playing games like this will drain your battery like hell, so plug it in first!

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