Channel 5 signs product placement deal with Microsoft for Surface tablets in Big Brother UK

Big Brother 2014 UK

Big Brother, a rather popular reality TV show in the United Kingdom has signed a product placement deal with Microsoft, meaning housemates will be using Surface tablets to nominate and do their weekly shopping. For those who don't know about Big Brother, let me explain.

Big Brother is a TV show in the UK on Channel 5 which involves a number of contestants living in a house for 3 months. Each week they nominate each other and one gets evicted. Big Brother launched in the UK in 2000, but since then has spread across the globe to a number of other countries such as the United States and Canada.

It's currently unknown what type of Surface will be used, it could be the Surface 2, or the recently announced Surface Pro 3. We'll find out soon enough.

Microsoft's product placement deal with Channel 5 and Big Brother means their Surface tablets will be seen within the TV show. The show is set to last all summer, and starts tonight on Channel 5 in the UK. Ratings are estimated to reach over 25 million views throughout the summer, so this a good deal for Microsoft. Hopefully it gets viewers interested in the Surface, or at the very least in the know of its existance.

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