CES 2014: Does 2014 hold a new Windows Media Center or Server for you? Think Origin PC

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CES 2014: Does 2014 hold a new Windows Media Center or Server for you? Think Origin PC

I’m not entirely sure about the future of Windows Media Center. After all, I’ve phased out the product in my home, but the platform still holds the enthusiasm of a dedicated circle of customers. In the same way, so does the home server. While Microsoft has killed its dedicated version of the household version, Server 2012 still is a more than viable option.

Both platforms tend to be computers that the end-user likes to build themselves and at this year’s CES, Origin PC has unveiled the case you very well may wish to use when you begin crafting that next PC. It has all you want – a spectacular looking design and capacity to burn.

Two versions have been unveiled, including the MILLENIUM (mid-tower) and GENESIS (full-tower). Microsoft showed off the cases, stating “ORIGIN PC has taken a different approach with the design of this new PC case system. The only difference between the MILLENIUM and GENESIS PCs is the expansion base which can accommodate additional radiators for liquid cooling, or extra drives (up to 12 3.5-inch drives or 24 2.5-inch drives)”.

Both cases have see-through windows in the sides, to show off your internal hardware. There’s plenty of cooling and various configurations from which you can choose when building.

Servers and home theater computers tend to be things that we hide away in cabinets, closets and offices. However, the new models from Origin PC may want to make you put a spotlight on your new build.

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