Can't upgrade to the latest Windows 10 for phones build? Microsoft is working on a fix

Can't upgrade to the latest Windows 10 for phones build? Microsoft is working on a fix

A new Windows 10 for phones build is here! Kinda. If you’ve been attempting, and failing at initiating the download on your newly supported Lumia, let us join hands in solidarity, for you are not alone.

The Windows Insider app has been plagued with server errors for the past three hours, not giving us the option to enroll in the Fast Ring to get the latest build. We’ve been stabbing the ‘Get preview builds’ link in the Insider app like mad men, probably making things worse for Microsoft. And be honest, you’re still doing it aren’t you?

“We discovered this morning that there was an error in the database for provisioning record data, which is required for new phones to join the Fast Ring through the Windows Insider app. The team has been working to correct it but the load on the provisioning data servers has made all operations extremely slow.” – Gabriel Aul

So the good news is that Microsoft is fully aware of this and is working to resolve the issue as you read, and now complete, this very sentence.

“To fix the issue, we are taking the service offline and updating the provisioning record data for all 5100 phone POPs. It will take approximately 2 hours for us to make the update, and validate that everything is working.”

Can't upgrade to the latest Windows 10 for phones build? Microsoft is working on a fix

All of this is certainly frustrating, but hey, at least we still get to play with Windows 10 for phones way before the final product launches. Microsoft transforming itself into the feedback-driven software giant that it is today is absolutely fantastic for us as enthusiasts, especially when it comes to software as significant as the Windows operating system.

Hang tight, you’ll have the update up and running in a matter of hours. As for those of you with a previously supported Lumia, you should have no issues upgrading from Windows 10 for phones build 9941 to 10051.

UPDATE 1: Gabriel Aul confirms that server changes are still in progress for provisioning, it should be another 15 mins.

UPDATE 2: Validation complete in Microsoft's pre-production environment, replicating to production (you), in 10 mins approximately.

UPDATE 3: Windows Insider app back online, but servers are still being smashed under heavy load. More server resources being added. 

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