Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break video series hits Season 2

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Brad Anderson is a Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Enterprise and Mobility, and also a bit of a rising YouTube star. Last year, he launched a series of YouTube videos, called Lunch Break, where he drove around a succession of Seattle area technology leaders and internet pundits (including yours truly, in parts one and two), talking to them about technology, the internet, and enterprise and mobility.

Now Brad is about to unleash Season 2 of his series, this time travelling to Silicon Valley, and renting a car (not quite the Tesla Model S he drove us around in) to continue the series. We’ll have to wait and see who’s in the full lineup, but the promo video features Michael McBride from Lookout, Blair Henry Frank (@belril), formerly of GeekWire and now at IDG, former Citrix CEO Mark Templeton, and more, as you can see below:

The videos are cut just right for lunchtime viewing, they don’t take much time, and are entertaining and informative. Good job by Anderson and his team to step outside the box a bit and reach out to meet some of the industry’s best and brightest (and me!).

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