Boom: Screenshots of Windows Blue begin appearing online

After a long while of nothingness regarding leaks on the future of Windows, it seems today that's all changing, as two new screenshots of two different builds of Windows Blue have appeared online.

The first one seems to show off build 9289, the screenshot doesn't reveal much, and blurs out the juicy build string details:


The second image is more spectacular, it reveals build 9319. Not only that, but the build seems to be running on NT 6.3 kernel and not 6.2, which is what Windows 8 runs on currently. There is speculation over whether this build is Windows Blue or Windows 9. You be the judge.


We know Microsoft compile daily builds of Windows, as the Windows product is always being improved at Microsoft, it's just nice to sometimes see visual evidence of the work, even if it's only a build string. Of course, these images could be fake, so take them with a grain of salt.

Source(s): Win8China WinAero

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