Bing tests expanding “News box” to squeeze more search results on the page

Bing tests expanding "News box" to squeeze more search results on the page

If you’ve been following along at home, you know that Bing is a big proponent of “flight testing”, that is offering up different experiences to different sections of its user base, in order to try out new features and gauge reaction. If anything, it’s a good way to get a glimpse of what Bing has in store, that is if someone catches a new feature in testing.

The latest trial for Bing revolves around how to squeeze the most news onto a search result page, and in this test, it involves an expanding results box, where you get a shortened version of search results, but can expand the box for more, including a link to a full page of search results.

Search Engine Land found Ruben Gomez, who posted on the test and even created a YouTube video showing the expanding box in action:

Gomez even provides instructions on how to enable the search box on your browser, check out the link in the Via section below.

While an expanding search results box isn’t going to make or break Bing when it comes to capturing market share, it’s a good example of how Microsoft is continually tinkering with search engine results to provide a better experience, and how it uses flight testing to try out new ideas.

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