Bing takes third place behind Yahoo and Google in search engine market share for Dec 2012

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Bing December 2012 market share

Google is still number one in search engine market share, while Yahoo comes in at second place followed by Microsoft’s very own Bing search engine, which takes third place. Google was able to snag a 83.24% market share while Yahoo took 8.16% in market share. Bing, on the other hand, only had 4.67%.

The data is provided by Net Applications and it points out that Bing is in third place behind the Yahoo and Google. We await to see what ComScore has to say about this as they usually tend to provide different data. Back in November of 2012, ComScore revealed that Bing was in second place while Yahoo fell to the bottom. Either way, it is interesting to see how dominant Google is with an 83.24% search engine market share.

Microsoft has been trying hard to lure users away from Google this past year. Microsoft launched a challenge called “Bing It On” against Google in an attempt to lure users into using Bing rather than Google. According to Microsoft, Bing’s web search results are far superior to Google’s search. Microsoft even featured a “Scroogled” campaign this past holiday season to showcase how Google is “scroogling” its users and how Bing provides “honest search.”

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