Bing Search for iPhone updated to version 5.6


It has been a core part of Microsoft’s new strategy, to remain platform neutral. Whenever an app is developed, it receives counterparts on various other operating systems, eliminating what once used to be exclusives.

This approach has hinged on the quality of these said offerings, meaning regular updates, the most recent of which has now arrived for Bing Search for iPhone.

In this new update, alongside the usual bevy of stability improvements and general bug fixing, comes new sharing capabilities and ‘improved experiences’ in Popular Now. Upon downloading the new software, users will be able to share using WhatsApp and WeChat, among others, making it easier to pass on information than before.

All of this comes following a number of privacy focused options in the previous update, including a new ‘Private Search’ mode and an enhanced ability to alter search history.

Do you use Bing Search on iPhone? Will these changes improve your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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