Bing Predicts now forecasts NASCAR races and NBA playoff games

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Bing predicts now forecasts nascar races and nba playoff games

Bing Predicts has now added NASCAR races and NBA playoff games to its ever-growing lineup of sports predictions. With the Toyota Owners 400 coming up this weekend, Bing can provide you with the latest information on NASCAR drivers, teams, standings, schedules, and latest news from the circuit. 

Bing predicts now forecasts nascar races and nba playoff games

Bing is using statistical information from NASCAR, like race history, driver information, standings, and other web information, Bing is able to give you its predictions for the top five drivers for the Toyota Owners 400. Bing predicts that the Toyota Owners 400 will have drivers place in the following order:

  • #1 - Kevin Harvick
  • #2 - Brad Keselowski
  • #3 - Joey Logano
  • #4 - Jeff Gordon
  • #5 - Jimmie Johnson

Straight off Bing's success predicting March Madness, Bing started to provide predictions for games in the NBA playoffs over the weekend. Through the first three days, Bing held a solid 9-1 record through the first three days of NBA playoff action. Bing Predicts plans to give you NFL draft predictions to let you know where college football players will likely be headed for their rookie NFL season. These are the latest developments in the ever-evolving Bing Predicts list of sports and other predictions. Stay tuned for more Bing Predicts news as Bing adds other elements to its forecasting repertoire. 

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