Bing Predicts is on an NFL hot streak as season heads for the playoffs

Kit McDonald

As we head into Week 15 of the NFL season, Bing Predicts has already mapped out their predictions for the season’s games and it’s on a hot streak, Business Insider reports. This week alone, the Microsoft powered search engine declares with a high 83% certainty that the Seattle Seahawks will be overpowering the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday. Similarly, the Miami Dolphins have just a slight advantage at 58% over the New York Jets for Saturday’s match.

Football fans are able to view the full round up of Bing Predicts the NFL up until the playoffs. All you have to do is put “NFL Predictions” in the Bing search engine for the results.

NFL Bing Predicts 2016

Bing Predicts had been commonly known for having a decent success rate, or in the case of the NFL, last season it was approximately 62% successful. Of course, many users have taken Bing Predicts with a grain of salt after the surprising victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton that proved once and for all that Bing is simply an algorithm that can be outwitted.

However, so far, Bing Predicts has hit the nail on the head quite a few chances this NFL season with the call against the Cowboys and predicting the victory of the Giants, a win that many football fans didn’t see coming. Even with the misses concerning some of the games, Bing has maintained its previous accuracy with three more weeks to determine.