Bing Predicts beats the odds in summer sports, promises fall lineup

Bing Predicts beats the odds in summer sports, promises fall lineup

Bing Predicts has racked up an impressive number of correct predictions in sports this summer and the Bing team posted a little more about their accomplishments today, with promises of more predictions for sports in the fall.

In the post, the Bing team highlights that for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Bing predicted the knockout rounds with 75% accuracy and chose the US to defeat Japan in the final. For the preliminary rounds, Bing also correctly picked all six group winner and precisely predicted 58% of the win, loss, or tie outcomes.

Bing also averaged an accuracy of 71% in its predictions for Wimbledon, correctly picking both the men’s and women’s champions.

Impressively, Bing has been beating Vegas odds in terms of accuracy at predicting the top five NASCAR drivers each week. The Bing team even were able to predict the NBA draft's first 14 picks.

Currently, the Bing team is making its predictions for the Tour de France which you can check out over on the Bing Predicts page or by searching “Tour de France prediction” in Bing. It is a useful tool not just to get predictions but to also browse the competition and learn more about the cyclists.

With the team saying they are hard at work on their fall lineup for predictions, we'll see what sports and other events they take on next with their almost eerily accurate prognosticating.

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