Bing Maps racing game for Windows hits the market, has some requirements

Bing maps racing game for windows hits the market, has some requirements

Windows has been steadily gaining a number of simple arcade-style games. The latest is geared towards racing fans, and it utilizes Bing Maps for the venue. The little app is free, though it does comes with some restrictions that mean it may not be for everyone.

The game was designed by Microsoft employee, Rick Brundritt, who claims “As a fun little side project over the weekend I’ve put together a simple racing game out of Bing Maps as Windows Store App. You can download the full source code for the app here”.

You’ll need to be running Windows 8.1, but there are also a few other requirements that must be met. For instance, you need to be running Visual Studio 2013 and the Bing Maps SDK. Aside from those minor details, you’ll be good to go.

You can grab the game for free by following the download link posted below, though it’s also a code sample that illustrates how to create a game. In other words, this is also a bit of a tutorial for budding developers.

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