Bing Maps Preview adds "along the route" feature to help plan your next road trip

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Image Credit: WinBeta

If you’ve ever been on any sort of road trip or excursion, you know the pain of searching for a good spot to take a break. On a map a particular coffee shop may look close to your location, but in reality it requires a detour from your route.  The Bing Maps team understands this and have built a new “along the route” feature in the Bing Maps web preview. The new feature is highlighted on the Bing Blog and appears to be pretty nifty and will no doubt be helpful for many. Essentially, this feature will allow users to get directions to a destination, and then click an icon (for a hotel, coffee, gas, etc.) to see the best options for your chosen route. Zooming in on a specific area of the map will let the Bing mapping system update its recommendations.

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The only possible downside to this feature is that it’s not available – yet – in Microsoft’s map apps, which means you won’t get these options on your phone.  Of course, Windows 10 Mobile is still in a prerelease state, and things could change. With the Bing Maps team taking on a renewed focus, perhaps the web and app versions will become increasingly aligned, more so than they have been in the past.