Bing looks back through their most popular homepage images for 2014

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Bing looks back through their most popular homepage images

Searching for content on the web needs to be fast and accurate, but Bing think is should also be beautiful and an opportunity to learn something new. The Bing homepage image serves as an interesting and eye catching portal to the web. Microsoft curates images to be the face of Bing search and includes a few facts relevant to the image. The photos used are usually very stunning and Microsoft has collected the most popular Bing images of 2014.

The images which have garnered the most attention were from all over the world, from China to Greece, to Florida. The photos capture rich colors and rare perspectives into the world around us. In addition to wonderful images, Microsoft has created Holiday themes for Bing as well. Halloween featured spooky images, and Christmas time brought the Yule Log to Bing. Browse their gallery at the VIA link below and pick your favorite Bing Homepage image of 2014

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