Bing Finance app for Windows 8.1 updated, now known as MSN Money

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Bing finance app for windows 8. 1 updated, now known as msn money

Windows Phone just received updates for all of the Bing apps, including News, Weather, Travel, Sports, Health & Fitness, and Food & Drink, dropping the Bing brand name for the MSN brand name. Not only that, Microsoft has also rolled out an update to the Bing Finance app, rebranding it to MSN Money. The same can be said for the Bing Finance app for Windows 8.1.

If you head over to the Windows Store, you will be prompted for an update to the Bing Finance app. Installing it will give you the brand new MSN Money app (also known as Money). No other changes and improvements were immediately noticed aside from the brand name change. 

You can manually download the updated app via the download link below. At the time of this post, Microsoft has yet to update the app listing and screenshots. Enjoy! No word yet on when the remaining Bing apps for Windows 8.1 will be updated, but we'd imagine it will be very soon. We'll be keeping an eye!

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