Bing announces "My Saves" feature to save your searches and view them later on PC or mobile

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Microsoft is slowly building a stronger mesh networking experience with its software and services across platforms by enhancing the integration of its key offerings such as Office 365 and Bing for users on PCs and mobile devices.

A new integration available to users is the new Bing 'My Saves' which enables the '"stashing" of images and shopping searches done on a smartphone or PC to then later be pulled up from a different device.

Today, searching for the ‘best ways to cook a turkey’ on Bing turns up several video search results to choose from. With the new My Saves searching feature, you can save where you found them by hovering on the video result and clicking ‘Save.’ Then decide later which will be the crowd pleaser. This action saves that searched item to ’My Saves’ where you can come back and view it later when it’s convenient for you."

Bing's my saves
Bing's my saves

The same functionality is extended to image searches where users can "go to the image source to research prices, purchase the item or, when you’re at the store for the item, use the image to get to the web source and ensure you get the right item."

While similar to Microsoft's browser Edge which allows users to save Reading List across devices such as Windows phones and Windows 10 PCs, the new My Saves for Bing has the potential to reach an even broader audience not being tied strictly to Windows. Perhaps, 'My Saves' gets more people using Bing across devices.

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