Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s resume from 1974 shows you how times have changed

Bill Gates Apple

For those who have forgotten history, Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft alongside Paul Allen back in 1975 and left the CEO position back in January of 2000. Two images have surfaced showcasing the resumes of both co-founders from back in 1974, when the two had begun looking for jobs.

The resumes simply indicate the height, weight, and marital status of both Paul Allen and Bill Gates, as well as if they were single or married. The resumes also indicated that they were both looking for programming work and were willing to relocate anywhere. Gates even suggested a starting salary of $15,000. Take a look at an image of the resume below, if you are interested in seeing a piece of history.

Microsoft’s co-founder and Chairman Bill Gates recently mentioned during an interview that he had no use for money. In fact, Gates wants to take the wealth that he has and give it back to the world. Gates is focusing on “getting the resources out to the poorest in the world.”


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