Big Tekken 7 news coming on 7/7 -
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Big Tekken 7 news coming on 7/7

Big Tekken 7 news coming on 7/7

After its tease at GDC 2015, where Tekken 7 was shown running Unreal Engine 4 and confirmed for current gen consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, very little has been announced in regards to the anticipated fighting game beyond its current iteration now out in video game arcades.

That all changed this week with a tweet from the official Japanese Tekken account announcing a big Tekken 7 announcement on the 7th of July. While it doesn’t specify console version news such as a release date, it is extremely likely.

Tekken 7 launching on Xbox One would be of great benefit to Microsoft’s video game console, which is suffering from a lack of popular fighting games. Besides the well-received Mortal Kombat X, the only other fighting games on Xbox One right now are the latest in the Dead or Alive series, which is known more for its “jiggle physics” than playability and Microsoft’s own Killer Instinct, which is struggling to find an audience due to its overly complex controls and steep learning curve. The latest entry in the popular Street Fighter franchise, Street Fighter V was revealed to be a PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive in late 2015 so won’t be coming out on Xbox One at all.

Which fighting game are you playing on Xbox One right now? Are you excited for Tekken 7? Let us know in the comments below.  

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