Best Buy invests 50,000 hours of training to teach employees about Windows 8

With Windows 8's launch, many retailers are showcasing Windows 8 based PCs, laptops, and tablets in hopes to achieve a sale. However, Best Buy has taken a step further and invested 50,000 hours of training to teach its employees about Windows 8, how to sell it, and how to keep the customers coming back!

Best Buy invests 50,000 hours of training to teach employees about Windows 8 - - November 12, 2012

Speaking to Jason Bonfig, a Best Buy merchant VP for computing, Best Buy has invested 50,000 hours of training to teach employees about Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system. This training was given to selected blue shirt employees, Geek Squad consultants, and "Microsoft Advisor" employees. Microsoft Advisor employees work with Microsoft to develop sales training for Best Buy employees. "When customers go through an OS transition, they want to touch and feel the product. They want to be able to talk to someone who is knowledgeable, who can ask them questions, and match them with the products that best meets their needs," Bonfig stated. In fact, the training went well. According to the report by Forbes, the employees are trained to be generous with their time. "With one employee, I chose to act completely confused at seeing the live tiles on the screen. He picked up on my concern and immediately showed me how easy it was - with one click - to bring back the desktop screen. This act alone will allay the concerns of many customers," the report stated.

Best Buy is also trying its best to prevent people from visiting a retail store to try out a product only to purchase that product online. Best Buy will offer exclusive Windows 8-based PCs, a 15 minute Geek Squad session where the customer is taken through the first-time setup, installation of security software, and email setup, as well as short helpful guides on how to use Windows 8. Best Buy hopes to have friendly and knowledgeable employees who will be able to help first time Windows 8 users make the transition easier than ever.

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