Beam founder: we haven’t had the time to launch on Windows 10 Mobile

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows 10 Mobile, has a well-known lack of apps from third party publishers, such as Snapchat. What gets most up in arms, however, is Microsoft’s obvious delay in releasing its own services to its own mobile operating system and in some cases, not ever releasing them for Windows 10 Mobile.

Beam, a live streaming service acquired by Microsoft last year, has been all the rage recently. It has been directly integrated into the upcoming Xbox One Guide currently in preview and they’re already testing a Universal Windows Platform app on Xbox One. Many users are annoyed that there has been little mention of Beam coming to Windows 10 Mobile – and one disgruntled user took to Twitter, in which the founder of Beam, Matt Salsamendi, responded:

Salsamendi hasn’t ruled out a Beam app for Windows 10 Mobile, citing an “ambitious roadmap,” but stopped short of confirming one either – something that we’ve come accustomed to with Microsoft, stopping short of confirming anything closely related to mobile.

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