Azure SQL Data Warehouse gets database collation support

Azure Servers
Email Twitter: @ Oct 10th, 2016 inNews

Keeping up with demand is getting even easier thanks to the Azure team. As of today, you’ll be able to create a new Azure SQL Data Warehouse database with one of the 3800 collations that you’ve pre-selected as a default.

What exactly are collations? A character set is a group of symbols and encoding that are put together. A collation is a grouping of rules to work for that character set that determines how they are read by the SQL server. And so by setting a default collation, you are enabling faster progress to setting up your new database  without the extra steps.

You can set the default collation for when you create a new Azure SQL Data Warehouse database by updating the Collation field from the Azure portal. Additionally, you can use commands to see what¬†has been added to list all the supported collations and checking which one is currently selected. While it’s a minor feature for IT admins, the feature is bound to save time and effort for configuring the database from the get go.

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