Ariana Grande is coming to Fortnite next week in new Rift Tour concert event -
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Ariana Grande is coming to Fortnite next week in new Rift Tour concert event

The Fortnite video game’s next big major concert event has been announced and it’s set to happen next week from August 6th through to the 8th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows PC, and all other supported platforms.

Officially, all that’s known about this event is that it’ll be an in-game music event called the Rift Tour, it will revolve around players being teleported to various realities, and that it will feature a “record-breaking superstar.”

Unofficially? This is going to be the Ariana Grande concert that leakers have been teasing for almost a year now.

The official announcement of Grande’s involvement is expected to happen on August 2nd when Epic Games has promised to reveal more details but a large number of leakers on Twitter with incredibly strong track records have confirmed that this is what the Drift Tour is and there’s very little reason to doubt them at this point.

The Rift Tour will debut on August 6th and will then replay once on the 7th and then three times on the 8th. It’ll likely be similar to last year’s mind-bending Travis Scott Fortnite concert. Local times are available in-game via the new Rift Tour tab.

Three related quests are currently live in Fortnite for all players to unlock and leakers have discovered an event-exclusive Battle Royale umbrella in the game’s files that will be given to everyone who attends at least one of the concerts.

The umbrella is clearly based on the popular Cuddle Team Leader Fortnite outfit. Interestingly, Cuddle Team Leader was recently featured as a Fortnite Crew skin and was even given a mini story arc told through wallpaper images about her traveling through a rift (portal) to a high tech reality and eventually powering up to become the robotic Mecha Cuddle Master.

This connection has made fans wonder if the Drift Tour will take players to that reality though there’s also a bit of an Ariana Grande connection here as the singer has previously posed in a pink bear onesie on her Instagram.

Cuddle Team Leader and Ariana Grande
Cuddle Team Leader and Ariana Grande

Officially, it’s supposed to be the character Ramirez in the Cuddle Team Leader costume but it would be a fun twist if it turned out to be Ariana Grande all along.

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