Is Microsoft working on a metro version of the File Manager for Windows Blue?

File Manager

The recent Windows Blue leak has revealed things we didn't know before, like the larger desktop tile and improved PC settings app. It seems the leak just keeps on giving, as we've spotted references to an app called File Manager.

Currently, we are unable to run the app. Clicking on it does nothing, as expected. We can only speculate what this app will include, and it's pretty obvious. While it might not be a complete replacement for the desktop version of the File Manager, it will offer basic functionality like browsing the filesystem, editing and renaming documents, maybe even moving them.

You can open this up in Visual Studio to reveal a bunch of code, but it isn't debug-able. Diving into some of the files, it seems the File Manager will include tabs, and view files from your SkyDrive account.

More on this as it develops! Would you like to see a Metro version of the old Windows File Manager?

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