Another white Xbox One appears on Ebay, but it will cost you

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Another white Xbox One appears on Ebay, but it will cost you

Since even before the launch of the Xbox One, we have seen the occasional white version appear on Ebay. All have fetched outrageous sums of money, thanks to the rarity of these consoles — you can’t actually buy one, as they were given to the Xbox team only.

However, if you have the spare cash, then there is one to be had right now via the auction site. It comes with all of the accessories, including one white controller. There is also a second, standard, black controller included, along with all cables and the Kinect (in black).

The box has been opened, and the console plugged in to ensure it was in proper working order, however, it was never actually used. So this is, essentially a brand new Xbox One.

This is a “buy it now” deal, with pricing set at $2,699.95, with just over two days remaining. It’s certainly not cheap, but there is no shortage of interest in these special white editions. Follow the link below if you wish to lay out the cash.

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