Android-based Nokia Normandy smartphone gets a name: Call it the ‘Nokia X’

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Android-based Nokia Normandy smartphone gets a name: Call it the 'Nokia X'

Nokia Normandy has been under the limelight for quite a bit now and is rumored to be a low-cost handset running Android, but it’s not the operating system as we know it. The alleged handset is rumored to come with a forked version of Android. Now, it appears that there is an official name for this device. You can call it the Nokia X.

According to a tweet from the credible @evleaks, Nokia Normandy will be called Nokia X. Mobile World Congress 2014 is set to take place February 24th and rumor has it we might see Nokia X during the event. No one knows if this Android-based device will actually launch or what plans Nokia has for the device.

Nokia X is rumored to feature a 4-inch display, a Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB storage with microSD card. The handset comes with a single button, similar to the one found inside the Asha line up of the company. The interface itself looks to be a hybrid between Android and Windows Phone. 

We’ll keep you posted on any details regarding Nokia X as it breaks. How do you like the name?

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