The alleged Treasure Tag Plus passes through FCC

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The alleged Treasure Tag Plus passes through FCC

Microsoft is reportedly working on a newer version of their product tracking device, the Treasure Tag. The nifty accessory can be attached to your personal belongings and is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. If misplaced, you can use your device to find the missing things or even locate your smartphone via beeping it using the Treasure Tag.

Earlier this week, a new Treasure Tag Plus passed through FCC (via WMPU), hinting at its imminent launch in the coming months. The files submitted at the FCC clearly mentions Treasure Tag Plus (FCC ID PYAWS-20). The details about the accessory are scarce at the moment, there are no images or any specifications. However, the labels tag posted with the documents is circular, unlike the previous iterations where it was a square. 

The previous iterations of the accessory were not too successful, and didn't work out as successfully as the company may have hoped form. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can make it a hit this time. 

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