Affinity Designer exits beta, and launches for Windows

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Affinity Designer, a professional graphic design program, has been a popular alternative for Adobe’s Photoshop since its macOS launch a year ago. But after winning an Apple Design Award in last year, the European company launched in June a free beta version of Affinity Designer for Windows and the final release was announced in a new blog post published yesterday.

According to the company, Affinity Designer for Windows "matches the Mac version feature-for-feature" and here are the main highlights:

  • A complete vector and pixel editing toolset
  • 10 million+ percent zoom
  • Non-destructive effects and adjustment layers
  • RGB, CMYK, LAB, Pantone and ICC colour management
  • Advanced typography, including text styles and text-on-a-path
  • Effortless PSD, SVG, EPS, PNG and PDF/X handling
  • Unlimited artboards with device pre-sets
  • Super smooth gradients and colour control
  • Standard and retina resolution pixel preview
  • Unlimited and saveable undo history
  • Incredibly powerful export capabilities
  • Symbols, including multiple versions and nested symbols
  • Constraints for pseudo-responsive design
  • Grids, guides and advanced snapping including pixel alignment
  • Fully customisable shortcuts.

For a limited time, the app is available to purchase with a 20% discount ($39.99 instead of $49.99) and you’ll also get a free Grade UI kit including more than 1,000 elements along your purchase. You can learn more about the app by checking the developer's website.

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