AdDuplex: Windows 10 Mobile gaining traction, but on older devices

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Another month has gone by, and AdDuplex, a business that helps developers place ads in their Windows phone apps, has a new slate of statistics to share.

One surprise is that the Lumia 520, after a long run at the top as the most popular Windows Phone, has finally been supplanted by the Lumia 535. Whether this is because of rising 535 sales, or (perhaps more likely) falling 520 sales isn't dealt with in the statistics, but the Lumia 535 is now the most popular Windows Phone.

Adduplex april 2016 all phones
Adduplex april 2016 all phones

Windows 10 Mobile seems to be gaining traction, gaining 1.5% as the Windows phone operating system of choice. What's interesting, or perhaps disconcerting, is that even though Windows 10 Mobile now has a 9.2% share, Windows 10 Mobile devices (like the 950, 950 XL, or the 550) aren't making much of a splash, if any, and barely show up on the radar. This means that a number of Windows Phone owners are turning to Windows Insider builds of Windows 10 Mobile, or are moving to the released versions of W10M for their handsets. Good for the Windows Insider program, not so good for any chance of new Windows 10 Mobile devices to gain traction.

Adduplex os share
Adduplex os share

In all, it's another month of sobering statistics for Windows phones, as some deck chairs are being rearranged, but new Windows 10 Mobile devices are doing little if anything to try and right the ship.

You can check out this months AdDuplex slides for yourself, and let us know what you think of the latest numbers in the comments

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