AdDuplex stats: Lumia 640 outperforms Lumia 520 in US market share -
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AdDuplex stats: Lumia 640 outperforms Lumia 520 in US market share

Lumia 640

Every month AdDuplex releases a report illustrating how well the Windows Phone OS and its handsets are selling around the globe. According to previous reports, the Lumia 520 has long been the darling phone in the US market. However the founder of AdDuplex has just tweeted a preview from the July 2015 report that the recently released Lumia 640 is stealing the Lumia 520 crown in the budget device category.

The Lumia 520 has consistently been a great seller for Microsoft. At the time of its release, it offered more than its competitors in the same price range. It has been over two years now so it's about time one of the newer handsets supplanted it. The Lumia 640 is sleek, light and has an excellent camera, making it a worthy successor.

The fact that the Lumia 640 has jumped up the charts so quickly may indicate that the US public is finally warming to Windows Phone. Perhaps the selling of headsets with the phone is also helping to fuel the demand or perhaps it was recent price cuts. Whatever the reason, it's exciting to see such healthy sales are still possible for Windows phone.

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