AdDuplex reveals December Windows Phone numbers, market dominated by Nokia

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AdDuplex reveals December Windows Phone numbers, market dominated by Nokia

2013 draws to its inevitable conclusion and Microsoft so far doesn’t dominate the mobile world in the way it does the desktop and laptop one. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t made strides to get there, knocking off Blackberry for third place earlier in the year.

Not surprisingly, the charge is led by Nokia, the Finnish handset maker that is on the verge of becoming a subsidiary of the Redmond-based company. That domination continues in December, at least if the latest numbers from AdDuplex are to be believed.

According to today’s report, Nokia occupies 80-percent of the Windows Phone ecosystem, with the Lumia 520 leading the market at just over 30-percent share. “Other” comes in second with exactly 20-percent, while Nokia notches up the remaining spots – unsurprisingly, as Other is inclusive of all competition.

The report shows the Lumia 920 as the second most dominant product. Conversely, HTC manages just over five percent of the share. Samsung, though a king in Android circles, failed to achieve even two percent.

AdDuplex claims that “This report is based on data collected from 2,499 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2. The raw data analyzed was collected over the day of December 27th, 2013”.

Will the numbers continue to rise is 2014? With what seems an impending death for Blackberry, and Microsoft’s friendliness to enterprise, the future could look bright.

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