Acer can't make up its mind, now says promotion of Surface RT has been confusing to consumers


Acer seems to be going back and forth on its stance when it comes to Microsoft and it's Windows 8 operating system. In the past, Acer declared Microsoft a competitor rather than a partner, only to defend Windows 8's sales, and now the company states that Microsoft made the Surface RT confusing to consumers.

Back in June of 2012, Acer's Senior VP was quoted saying that Microsoft's move of launching the Surface RT tablet to compete with the iPad was a failure about to happen. In fact, Acer wasn't too excited that Microsoft was trying to take on Apple and suggested that Microsoft reconsider its actions. In August of 2012, Acer's chairman JT Wang proclaimed Microsoft as a competitor and no longer a partner. In December of 2012, Acer defended Microsoft and the company's Windows 8 operating system, months after criticizing it, and stated that more time was needed in order to judge its performance in the market. "In the past, market observers would accuse Windows of lacking innovations. And Windows 8 with brand new features have still been greeted with pessimism. Some observers believe the new interface and touchscreen control will dramatically delay adoption by consumers. But companies must take risks when introducing innovations, and therefore it is still too early to say whether Windows 8 is a success or not," Acer stated in December of 2012.

Acer's chairman JT Wong now thinks that Microsoft screwed up on the promotion of the Surface RT. In fact, the Surface RT has been "confusing to consumers" and Microsoft focused on the keyboard (Touch/Type Cover) rather than the touch aspect of the device. "The promotion of the product is really focused on the keyboard, and the users really don’t know how to maximize the touch experience," Wong added.

It seems like Acer cant make up its mind on how it feels about Windows 8. Wong even added that Acer has to work "closely with Microsoft to get customer feedback on what works and what doesn't." Hey Acer, make up your mind. Is Microsoft a partner or a competitor?

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