Abyss, the latest game by Game Troopers, coming soon to Windows Phone

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Abyss, the latest game by game troopers, coming soon to windows phone

Game Troopers latest creation is a game titled: Abyss. Not yet available on Windows Phone, Abyss will likely come as soon as next week! In Abyss, you play as Nep2no, a robot that was created with the sole purpose to explore the mammoth depths of the ocean in search of an energy source called "Gaia." In Abyss, you must navigate Nep2no through dark underwater caves to gather all the Gaia to save humanity.

Nep2no uncovers secret passages and other deep buried treasures in its quest for all the Gaia it can muster. Abyss features 20 challenging levels, and players can collect Xbox Live Achievements and compete against your friends on Xbox Live to get to the top of the leaderboards. Abyss has 200 points worth of Xbox Live Achievements, so you are sure to have your hands full trying to complete them all.

Abyss will launch on Windows Phone with a $2.99 price tag and will support 512MB RAM Windows devices. Check out more information about the development of Abyss on Windows Phone via the Game Troopers website.

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